Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see a house?

The first step to touring property is contacting an agent whom you have chosen to work for you in finding a property and negotiating on your behalf.

How do I get a loan approved?

The agent you’re working with will have lender contacts they refer you to. You can always use your local banking institution if they provide mortgage lending.

Can I see ANY house?

Your agent will have access to any property on the local market. However, properties that are under contract may not be available and sellers can always place restrictions on when the property may be shown.

Will I have to pay closing costs?

Closing costs are always due at closing. In today’s marketplace , sellers expect buyers to request that the seller cover a portion of the buyers’ closing costs. This is definitely up for negotiation.

Can I break my lease?

You can break your lease. There will be fees related to breaking your lease, so reading your lease and being aware of those costs is very important.

Can I rent to own?

You can do a rent to own but it’s always up the seller/owner of the property to allow this option. In the Hampton Roads area this option is very hard to come by.

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